Billboard Music Charts are a way for people to know who the latest and most popular artists are

Billboard Music Charts Top 100
Billboard Music Charts Top 100

Billboard Music Charts Top 100

How Billboard Music Charts are Used and Tabulated
People who are music lovers and audiophiles have probably heard of Billboard Music Charts sometime in their lifetime. Billboard Music Charts can be found in various publications such as newspapers and specialty magazines catering to music fans, as well as on the internet.
There are Billboard Music Charts for various types of music. For example, there are rankings for pop music, rock music, soft rock, country music, jazz, adult contemporary and hip hop music. The ranking methods used for these kinds of music are similar to the ranking method used for ranking the Top 100 or Top 40 music.
Billboard Music Charts are tabulated by companies by checking the popularity of the songs and the frequency of their playtime by radio stations. The more frequently they are played by radio stations, the higher the ranking. The volume of sales is also taken into account. The higher the volume of sale, the higher the ranking.
People who are planning to buy music CDs are advised to check the popularity of the songs and the CDs in the Billboard Music Charts, since their ranking in the charts is the indicator of their popularity. The higher the ranking, the greater the popularity of the CDs. However, personal tastes differ, so a song which is a hit song to one person may not be a hit song to another person. It is better to listen to the songs on the radio first before buying them, instead of using Billboard Music Charts as reference material for making CD purchases.
The rankings of songs in Billboard Music Charts are utilized primarily by Americans, but music fans of other countries also take them into consideration. There are cases where foreign language songs or songs from countries other than the U.S. become commercially successful in the U.S., and are able to make their way into the Billboard Music Charts. It is a significant accomplishment for a song in a foreign language to make its way into the Billboard Music Charts.
Billboard Music Charts are also used by foreign radio stations as reference material for purchasing songs from the U.S. to play in their home countries. Radio stations based in other countries check the Billboard Music Charts and purchase songs with high rankings.
Billboard Music Charts have to be revised on a regular basis, since the popularity of songs and the volume of sales in record stores are constantly changing. They may be revised daily, to reflect the change in ranking. Some songs are so popular that they remain in the rankings for several weeks or several months. On the other hand, some songs aren’t as popular, and drop out of the charts after a few days or a few weeks.
The number of hit songs which made their way into the Billboard Music Charts is also a gauge of the popularity and skill of the singer/singing group singing them. There are the so-called one-hit wonders, which are singers or singing groups who are able to sing one hit song and then disappear from the rankings. On the other hand, there are Platinum winners, which are singers/singing groups who are able to sing several hit songs which sold several hundred thousand copies.
Billboard Music Charts are an excellent way to keep track of the popularity of songs being played by music stations. Their usage is recommended, especially as a reference material for gauging the popularity of the hit songs currently being played by radio stations.