Billboard music charts are tabulated based on the volume of sales of songs and albums which are recorded in music stores.

Billboard Music Charts Top 100
Billboard Music Charts Top 100

How Are Billboard Music Charts Tabulated?

You may wonder how billboard music charts are tabulated on a yearly basis and how every music number are categorized and ranked based on its popularity and demand.
In this article, we will be learning and figuring out how results are evaluated and who possibly would be the billboard music chart topper for this year.
You may have heard of Soundscan as the company that mainly reports music sale. It basically has a network of music stores and determines each time an album is scanned through their checkout scanner. Although in some instances, there have been reports that numbers have been misrepresented by stores. Say for example a great new single comes out, people will be downloading it and will be playing it on the radio, but most of the time and these people will not be going to buy a physical album. In this case, they get ranked quickly on the billboard music charts because Billboard will rank all these.
Songs aren’t only about pure entertainment, at the back of it; songs are all about numbers and competition. They are about the number of times you repeat them, the number of lyrics you have and the number of beats you have per line. As for mainstream artist, songs are about the number of weeks it takes to get to #1 on the billboard music charts.
Billboard music charts do not only represent sales of a particular CD. Instead, as mentioned above they assess and tabulate data from several different sources which include sales in stores, online sales of digital tracks, and even playing on online streaming sites such as Youtube. Chart editors combine all these components to provide an overall evaluation of a song’s performance.
“The Hot 100” is not the only billboard music chart, as a matter of fact; this magazine regularly publishes dozens of sales charts, which allows analysts to assess which song is performing best in different media and markets.
Currently, Katy Perry’s newest album entitled “Prism” debuts at number one on the latest Billboard Music Charts selling 286,000 copies. To Date, it is the largest sales for an album by a woman and the second largest for a pop effort.