Billboard music charts Hot 100 is a standard chart for singles which lists its popularity chart weekly in the Billboard Music charts magazine. The rankings of the songs are based on its radio play, streaming online and its sales both online and in music s

Billboard Music Charts Top 100
Billboard Music Charts Top 100

Hot 100 in Billboard Music Charts

Billboard music charts Hot 100 first introduced in 1950’s. But in 1958, the first single to be the first number-one song in the Hot 100 is “Poor Little Fool” f Ricky Nelson. Hot 100 of Billboard Music charts have been fifteen years in the industry and still rank the top songs in the U.S.
Hot 100 in the Billboard music charts is said to be the most accurate gauge for popular songs ranked in the charts. The criticism on this chart topping is its singles focus. The Hot 100 focuses only on the sale of each single. There are other albums which are selling rather than their singles but their songs are not actually in the Hot 100. And so, the strategizing of the release of albums and debut of the singles is properly planned.
The latest top ten in the Hot 100 of billboard music charts are those of the following: The Monster, Timber, Counting Stars, Royals, Wrecking Ball, Wake Me Up, Demons, Say Something, Let her Go, and Hold On, We’re Going Home. “The Monster” by Eminem Featuring Rihanna is on the top list having high sales, radio play and streaming of it online. On the second list is the “Timber” of Pitbull featuring Kesha. On the third spot is the “Counting Stars” of One Republic. In the fourth rank is the “Royals” by Lorde. Then on the fifth rank is the song Wrecking Ball of Miley Cyrus. The song “Wake Me Up’ by Avicii falls on the sixth spot. On the seventh rank is the song of Imagine Dragons “Demons”. Next is the eight spot for the song “Say Something” by A Great big World and Christina Aguilera. Ninth on the list is the “Let Her Go” by Lorde. Lastly the song that will complete the Billboard music chart Hot 100 is the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake featuring Majid Jordan. Here is the top ten of the Hot 100 in the Billboard Music charts.
Personally, the Hot 100 top ten songs in the Billboard music charts have some song that I know and I don’t know. The only songs that I know are the songs on the first and fifth rank which is the “The Monster” and the “Wrecking Ball”. Well, the wrecking ball is controversial because of its music video but the “The Monster’ of Eminem and Rihanna is really deserving to be on the top list.
The Billboard Music charts Hot 100 is the highlighted chart rankings as it is the basis of the popularity of a song. Hot 100 are based on its single sales online and streaming views, radio plays and sales in music stores. The song “The Monster” is the top on the list. It is performed by Eminem featuring Rihanna. Their song is worldly known and has progressive sales in U.S. and worldwide. They deserve to be in the Billboard Music charts Hot 100.