Billboard music charts are the listings of the songs and albums which are ranked according to their categories. The rankings are usually published in the Billboard music charts magazine. Billboard has been in the industry for like over decades ago. It sta

Billboard Music Charts Top 100
Billboard Music Charts Top 100

Billboard music charts

Billboard music charts has several categories which are invented in the late 1950’s.In 1958, the Hot 100 is consolidated. Through all the years the single must be commercially available for it to become a part of the listings in the charts of Billboard music charts. The Hot 100 combines the radio plays, online sales, streaming online and also the retail sales of a single song. In the year of 1990, the country singles charts used the Nielsen soundScan for the first time. Now, the Billboard music charts are using the Nielsen sound Scan in all chart listings.
Billboard music charts is listing the top charts on different categories. It may be in terms of popularity, albums, genres, single hits, and best selling records in music stores. Billboard music charts also have rankings for various genres which includes, jazz, country, dance, classical, rap, electronic and etc. On the year 2009, there has been partnership agreement between Metrolyrics and Billboard Music charts. The Metrolyrics will have the top ten lyrics on each of the billboard music charts. Gradually, the said chart rankings become into one in over-all ranking which is called the Hot 100.
There are many categories of the music charts in the Billboard music charts. There are singles and tracks which covers the Billboard Hot 100, Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles, Heatseekers songs, Radio songs, Hot Singles Sales, Digital Songs, Hot digital Tracks and Streaming songs. The R&B/Hip-Hop which includes the charts of Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay, Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop, Rhythmic Top 40 and many more. The category Adult/Pop covers the Mainstream Top 40, Adult Top 40 and adult Contemporary. The country songs are in the charts of Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay. The Rock songs include the Hot Rock songs, Rock airplay, Rock Digital Songs, Alternative Songs, mainstream rock and many more. The category of Dance has the Hot Dance Club Songs, Dance/electronic songs, Dance/Mix show Airplay, Hot Dance Singles Sales and the Dance/ Electronic Digital Songs. There are still several categories and charts in the Billboard music charts. The all music charts are in their website.
Personally, the Billboard music charts is a good chart listings because of its accuracy on the rankings. The rankings here is said to have a good source of ranks because it is base on sales. I just wonder how they are profiting on this kind of chart listing.
Billboard music charts has been over decades ranking the songs in each category, genre and any other listings. There is much advancement and technologies happened over the decades and it can be said that the Billboard music charts gain popularity and fame. After all, it has also magazine which caters more audience. The Billboard music chart is continuing to rank the songs and albums. Today, they hailed Bruno Mars as the Billboard Artist of the Year.