Bruno Mars has been receiving many awards throughout his career. He is also having countless number-one hits in a single album. He is being compared by Elvis Presley and now with Adele that had a number-one song with piano and vocals only. His latest achi

Billboard Music Charts Top 100
Billboard Music Charts Top 100

Bruno Mars Billboard music charts “Billboard Artist of the Year

Bruno Mars is a singer songwriter and record producer. He has the highest selling digital sale online and ranked 12th as the best selling digital artist together with Queen. Mars is the first male to be in the Hot 100’s top 10 with his two songs and last for consecutive weeks in the Billboard music charts. His single “Locked out in Heaven” has been the top in the Billboard music charts for three weeks. He is definitely topping all the charts in the Billboard.
The Billboard music charts definitely didn’t wonder at all that mars is going to win the title. From his achievements and chart-topping songs, from the most streaming artist, and most played song in the radio, bestselling albums and being the “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” by the prestigious Grammy Awards. What more can be the Billboard music charts ask for?
Billboard music charts has given Bruno Mars the title because of his achievements and records in the rankings of Billboard charts. At first, the industry critics and observers is thinking if the fans will love his album but Bruno Mars is saying that whatever criticism, he will stand for it because it is what he loves?doing music. The album “Unorthodox Jukebox” is unexpectedly loved by most of his fans and gained many awards. The singles there had many number-one hits in the Billboard music charts. The classic song there including “Treasure” is topping the Billboard chart. He said that the classical songs with a music of modern songs accompanied by instrumentals with a twist is the main factor why it has become catchy to people.
Personally, I love Bruno Mars songs. His pop songs which he mixes with other genres and his musical influences that is molding him today. He is the hottest male pop singer nowadays and he continues to top the Billboard music charts. Indeed, he must receive all the awards he deserves. I love his songs so much because it caters the emotions of love. Various emotions in love such as happiness, fulfillment, angst, bitterness, heartbreak are the themes of his songs.
Bruno Mars will end this year with a boom to his career. This year has been very good to him as he received many awards that will give him the fame. Mars had been a good artist and versatile as well because he is a singer, songwriter and record producer. Mars is a winner over Taylor swift, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and more in the Billboard music charts’ Billboard artist of the year.